Civil and Commercial Litigation

Debt Recovery

Unfortunately, most businesses will at sometime or another encounter bad/non-payers. Here at Sutton & Co Solicitors, we understand how paramount cash flow is, whether you are a sole proprietor or a multi-national company, cash is most certainly king. We adopt a pro-active and proven method to assist you in recovering monies due to you, quite often without the need of going to Court.

Our services include:

Pre-issue negotiations
Tracing debtors
Letter before action
Issuing County Court proceedings
Enforcement actions
Statutory demands
Bankruptcy/Winding-up petition

You will be provided with advice and support tailored to your business needs. We will always ensure that all work is carried out in a cost-effective manner and will always operate a transparent charging structure.

Commercial Litigation

Any form of Litigation can be draining on a business, both in terms of finances and resources. Our aim is to bring disputes to a swift resolution.

Areas we can help you with include:

Contractual disputes
Franchise disputes
Commercial debt recovery
County Court proceedings
Partnership disputes
Alternative dispute resolution, including mediation and round table meetings

Our goal is always to resolve the dispute as quickly as possible. We will negotiate on behalf of you or your company in order to work towards a reasonable resolution.

Civil Litigation

Unfortunately, sometimes being involved in litigation cannot be avoided, our aim is to assist you during this stressful time. We will help you to reach a resolution in the quickest and most cost-effective manner.

Areas we can help you with include:

Neighbour disputes
Debt recovery
Residential possessions
Contested probate
Contractual disputes
County Court proceedings
Alternative dispute resolution, including mediation and round table meeting

Our ultimate goal is to help you avoid a Court battle, which saves time and money.