Court of Protection

Court of Protection

We would encourage all of our client’s to make a Lasting Powers of Attorney to ensure their loved ones can deal with their affairs as easily as possible when they are unable to do so. However, there are times when people have not put a Lasting Power of Attorney in place and are not able to make one as they have lost mental capacity. In such situations, unfortunately, their next of kin would not be able to deal with their property and financial affairs until an Order has been made by the Court of Protection. We at Sutton & Co. Solicitors, based in Sutton Coldfield, can help to apply to the Court of Protection for them to become a Deputy.

The process involved can be lengthy and confusing, however, our specialist advisors can advise on the process and make the formal application to the Court of Protection for a Fixed Fee.

Mrs Harpreet Talwar is the STEP Full Member and SFE Full Accredited Member at Sutton & Co Solicitors

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