Introducing: MyMatter

This year, Sutton & Co. introduced MyMatter – our client Portal which will keep you in the loop in your Matter, when it suits you.

To use your MyMatter page simply click the link provided to you at the start of the process, or type – simply add the address of the Property that you are buying or selling to the end of the link.

All of our MyMatter pages are password protected and secured. If you wish to change your password at any time, please free to let us know. Alternatively, if you do not wish to use MyMatter at all, please let us know and your page will be removed.

MyMatter has been designed with you in mind. Below we will take you through the basic steps to making the most of your MyMatter portal.

Step 1: Go to your MyMatter page by following your link



Step 2: Review your Project Description

This gives you information about your Property and will provide you with any documents that you will need during the transaction. In the example provided above, this includes your Memorandum of Sale and EPC Document, however, contract documents and transfers can be uploaded here to allow you to download and sign your documents wherever you are.

To the right of your Project Description you should find Project Progress.

This will provide you with an estimate regarding how far into the process you are. When you originally instructed us, and when we expect to complete on the Transaction.

Below this you will also find details of how long you have instructed us for. This will allow you to plan your move in your own time, taking the stress out of your Property transaction.

On the next page you will find an example of the Project Description and Project Process Boxes. If you have any queries about these, please let us know.












Step 3: Review your Project Overview

Your Project Overview will give you an insight into the stages involved in your Transaction. These will vary slightly from client to client, however, by reviewing your progress bar you will  be able to assess how far into a transaction you are, and what the next steps will be.

















Step 4: Review Your Updates

Your Updates will provide you with live information on your Transaction. Any information on your Transaction will be displayed on here.

For example:

  • If we are waiting for replies from Solicitors – these will be outlined here.
  • If we are waiting for you to sign your contracts – this will be outlined here.
  • If we are ready to complete on the transaction – this will be outlined here.

Please note, that whilst updates will be provided on your MyMatter page, this will not replace email, telephone or postal correspondence.

MyMatter is designed to be used in conjunction with correspondence, and not as a replacement. Sutton & Co. Solicitors are committed to providing you with the best in customer service and pride ourselves on our consistent, clear service.

MyMatter will allow you to keep track of your Transaction in your own time.



Any Questions?

If you wish to chat with a member of the team please feel free to contact us on 0121 448 3107 or email us at legal@suttonsolicitors to discuss further.