Leave a Legacy During “Make a Will Month”

Making a will can be one of those jobs which remains on the “to-do” list, always intended but never got round to. It can be an uncomfortable and even upsetting topic to consider.

Make a Will Month

If this sounds like you then you are far from alone, as recent studies suggest around half of British adults do not have a will in place. Yet whether you are single or in a relationship an up to date will is an important document, ensuring your final wishes are carried out and respected.

Make a Will Month helps you find a solicitor in your area and not only provides peace of mind, but also gives you the chance to benefit a valuable charity like Acorns Children’s hospice.

Help This Wonderful Charity

Every October, participating law firms across the West Midlands and beyond offer their professional services for free to help you draw up or update your will.

They do this so you can donate to a charity like Acorns Children’s hospice who do such vital work within the local community.

Why Create a Will?

Having a will in place ensures your estate and possessions go to the people you intended, allowing you to continue to look after your loved ones.

Naturally this will be a difficult time anyway for your family, but having a will in place makes your wishes clear and helps reduce the potential for any family disputes. A will can be especially important for unmarried couples who want to leave a legacy for their partner.

A basic will can cost between £100 to £200 and a joint will £150 to £300.

Solicitors participating in Make a Will Month will waive this fee so you can make a donation to Acorns Children’s hospice, who provide 24/7 care and support for local children and their families.

Donations are purely voluntary, there is no obligation when you make your will. However, a voluntary donation of £80 when you participate in Make a Will Month can fund two hours of crucial care for a child in Acorns Children’s hospice. If you are drawing up a joint will and considering a donation to the hospice then £130 pays for up to four hours of care.

Charities like Acorns Children’s hospice rely entirely on support and donations from the community and Make a Will Month is a welcome annual event.

The hospice provides children from age 0 to 18 years with life limiting or life threatening conditions with specialist palliative nursing and care. Yet this is only possible with the continued support of the community.

If you are one of the 50% of adults yet to make a will it is never too soon to consider. Make a Will Month in October provides the perfect opportunity to ensure your family is looked after when you are gone, while donating vital funds to charities like Acorn Children’s hospice at the same time.

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