Our Steps to Selling Your Home – Property Solicitors in Sutton Coldfield

What an exciting time, you have decided its time for a change and are selling your house. These are the steps that Sutton & Co Solicitors in Sutton Coldfield will go through when acting on your behalf.


Having found the home you wish to buy and negotiated a price, the first step is to get in contact. Once you have instructed us to act, you should also provide our details to your acting estate agent and ask that they send us the memorandum of sale.


We will take instructions from our client and prepare the pre-contract documentation pack which will include:

  • The draft contract containing the terms and conditions of sale.
  • Evidence from HM Land Registry that the seller is the legal owner of the property.
  • Sellers Property Information Form, Fixtures, Fittings and contents forms completed, signed and dated by all the legal owners of the Property
  • Obtain any other relevant documents from you.

Upon receipt of the memorandum of sale, we will send these documents to your Buyers Solicitors.


Your  Buyer’s Solicitors will raise enquiries before contract.


Your Solicitor will take instructions from you based on the enquiries raised.

Your Solicitor will provide Replies to enquiries and as above provide any further replies to enquiries.


When the Buyers solicitors are satisfied with the replies provided, a date will be agreed between the parties to exchange and complete.

During the process, once the sale contract and transfer document has been approved between the legal representatives, these documents will be given to you and your solicitor will advice you on them and seek your approval before you sign the same. You would sign the transfer in the presence of a witness who is independent and over the age of 18.

You will also receive a completion statement setting out the financial breakdown of the transaction and we will seek your approval of the same.

Once you have signed the documents and we have these to hand and the buyers solicitors are also holding the signed contract.


When the parties are ready, and we have your authority we will be in a position to exchange and complete on the agreed day of completion.

You must ensure if you a selling with vacant possession all the items you have agreed to take with you on completion are removed and the keys are handed to the estate agent on the morning of completion.


On the day of completion the Buyers Solicitors will transfer the balance of the purchase price to this firm.

Congratulations you have completed!

The keys will be released by the estate agent to the new legal owners of the property.

On the day of completion, Sutton & Co Solicitors will pay the outgoings in accordance with the completion statement and transfer the balance of the proceeds into your bank account.

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