Wills and Estate Planning

Why do I need a Will?

Having a will is vital if you want to help ensure that your wishes are met after you die. Writing a Will can help ensure that your property and assets are managed and distributed according to your wishes. Without a Will administering an estate can be much more time consuming and stressful. There is also the possibility that beneficiaries you may not have chosen could benefit from your estate, as dictated by legislation.

How a solicitor can help with Wills and Planning your Estate

We understand making a Will is a big step for most people. Choosing the right advisor and having confidence in their advice is vital. Understanding the law and rules around property and your estate after death can also appear complex and daunting. Here at Sutton & Co. Solicitors, based in Sutton Coldfield, we have a dedicated, qualified team of solicitors who will attend to your needs. From a basic Will, to providing estate planning advice and creating trusts, we at Sutton & Co. Solicitors can help.

Will and Estate Planning at Sutton & Co solicitors

Our professional advisor will meet with you to go through your estate to ascertain how you would like to benefit your chosen beneficiaries. At the initial meeting your professional advisor will also look to see if your estate would be a taxable estate and if there are any steps which can be taken to mitigate any potential tax liability.

What is involved in Estate Planning?

Estate planning is the process of putting in place plans for the management, distribution and transfer of your assets (estate) after you die. An individuals estate can include assets such as houses, possessions, cars, jewellery, valuables, cash, savings, investments, stocks and shares, pensions and any debts you may have.Estate planning also includes any tax matters that need to be dealt with after you die. With the rules and laws around this sometimes complex, a solicitor can give you vital peace of mind in ensuring that your estate is managed safely, smoothly and how you would have intended.

Mrs Harpreet Talwar is the STEP Full Member and SFE Full Accredited Member at Sutton & Co Solicitors

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